Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Great American Tenor

Mario Lanza, the New Caruso, one of the greatest voices of the 20th century, movie star, the last of the great performers. He was, above all, an iconic star and, during the 40's into the 50's, Lanza dominated the music world singing in such operas as The Merry Wives Of Windsor, Madama Butterfly and La traviata.

Not only was he an amazing singer all-around, he also inspired other great singers influencing such talent as Plácido Domingo, José Carrera and Luciano Pavarroti with his debut movie The Great Caruso in which he portrayed Enrico Caruso. Starring in many hit movies, Mario made his indelible mark on hearts of women everywhere with his good looks and exceptional talent.

What was most remarkable - and probably most famous - about Mario Lanza was his incredible voice and the passion with which he infused within the lyrics. It was the simple way he opened his mouth to sing and how easily the listener fell into the lullaby of his deep tenor, how easily he captured your heart and made it feel what he wanted it to feel as if he owned your very soul. What Lanza sang was real... how he sang was unforgettable... and the voice that was filled with so much passion and truth became what we know now-a-days as legendary.


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