Friday, March 5, 2010

Movie of the Week

Sunset Blvd.

One of the most compelling and brilliantly acted films ever made. Whenever I see it I am arrested by the enthralling images and the amazing acting most can only dream of. To think of the other actors considered for the role is simply astounding because I simply cannot think of anyone else playing those parts.

Joe Gillis is a down on his luck screenwriter who can't catch a job or a break anywhere. While trying to escape from creditors Joe finds himself with a flat tire and stumbles upon a beautiful mansion on Sunset Blvd. and inside meets a strange butler and the even stranger faded movie star Norma Desmond. He is lured by the money she offers to write her a revised version of the screenplay she herself has drawn up.
Soon enough Joe finds himself in the insane world of Norma Desmond and overwrought with her obsession to go back to Hollywood and become again the star she once was. Can he escape her controlling clutches? Her obsession? Or has he already sunk too deep into the decay and misery surrounding Norma and her crumbling mansion?

William Holden and Gloria Swanson give once in a lifetime performances and Billy Wilder directs the film in a gripping fashion. The movie is beautiful, suspenseful, and also lends a bit of sympathy for the aging Norma Desmond. No matter how much time passes or how many films are made Sunset Blvd. will continue being a stand out and will forever be one of the greatest films ever shot.

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