Saturday, February 27, 2010

Movie of the Week


Film noir at its best. Mystery at its most intriguing. Laura presents a perfect murder mystery and offers a complete range of acting done by the very best in Hollywood. The fact that two other actresses turned down the role and that Gene Tierny did not want to do this movie leaves me quite perplexed. For once, the world should be glad for contractual obligations.

Det. Mark Mcpherson (brilliantly portrayed by Dana Andrews) is investigating the murder of Laura Hunt, the alluring and beautiful ad exec, who was found dead on the floor of her apartment. Two suspects come into the picture as Laura's life unfolds. A man who was in love with her, Waldo Lydecker, and her fiance', Shelby Carpenter. The evidence that points every which way and the beautiful portrait of Laura that has made Det. McPherson fall in love with her has made the case much more difficult to solve.

Twists and turns soon abound in the coil of investigation and the truth becomes even harder to find. What is really the reason for such a brutal murder? What happened to the beautiful and doomed Laura?

Gene Tierney is absolutely enthralling and iconic in her portrayal of Laura Hunt and Dana Andrews is simply amazing as the quick talking detective eager to solve the case. Laura had the ability to make everyone love her and she will continue to do so with moviegoers throughout the years. This is truly one of the best classics and will stand out as one of the best of all time.

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