Saturday, February 20, 2010

Movie of the Week


The movie that created all sorts of buzz and controversy, Lolita has become a classic that most moviegoers would not dream of missing. Directed by Stanley Kubrick and written by the novels original author, Lolita is one of the most outrageous and wonderful movies. Although the original product was changed to please the censors, the movie still remains a film masterpiece.

Humbert Humbert (wonderfully played by James Mason) is an English professor of French literature who moves to a small town in America for an open teaching position. There he falls into a relationship with Charlotte Haze (whose distressful loneliness is played masterfully by Shelley Winters) only to get closer to her 14 year old daughter who turns out to be quite a minx. Lolita has the charm, flirtatiousness and beauty to make Humbert fall in love with her to the point of senselessness. However, what Humbert hopes for is soon sidetracked by his antagonist, Clare Quilty (The role was widely expanded from the novel and is played by Peter Sellers) who has his own affection for Lolita.

A movie about manipulation, thriving yearnings and a scandalous want that is and will always be shocking. The actors carry out their roles effortlessly without having received much acclaim for their work. This film was widely rejected and yet continues to be film-making at its best.

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