Saturday, February 6, 2010

Movie of the Week

Shadow of a Doubt
Hitchcock was quoted as saying this was one of his favorite movies and Teresa Wright also said it was her favorite. Such high praise is well-deserved when it comes to this spectacular film. This is indeed one of the best masterpieces Alfred Hitchcock ever made.

Joseph Cotten plays Uncle Charlie. We know from the beginning that he is on the run from the law but it does not hinder the suspense as the movie runs its powerful course. Uncle Charlie's young niece, Charlie (named after her beloved uncle), has become quite bored with the life she lives with her family. She has already decided what it is that could make things more interesting: a visit from her uncle, which does come quite by surprise.
Upon his arrival, everyone displays their usual trust and love for him but soon enough things begin to unravel for Uncle Charlie due to the most unlikely source.

After noticing several oddities in her uncles behavior and things that point to the fact that he is hiding something, Charlie begins to suspect the worst. The arrival of two men asking questions about him doesn't help her suspicions at all. Is Uncle Charlie really the man responsible for horrible crimes? Are Charlie's suspicions correct? We follow her as she reluctantly overturns stones that lead to an amazing and unforgettable climax.

Mystery, suspense, thrills and noir all come together to create a blend of absolute perfection. The acting is superb, the directing is -as always- flawless and the script is captivating.
Shadow of a Doubt is one of the best movies one will ever see. It'll leave you breathless as you watch the suspense unravel and realize just how far one will go to protect themselves and how blind love can truly leave you.

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