Saturday, January 30, 2010

Movie of the Week


Rumors were afloat about this movie being the answer to Gone With the Wind and the role for compensation since Bette Davis was not allowed to do the part of Scarlett O Hara. Whatever the truth is, Warner Bros. released a movie that has maintained the title of a true legend.

Julie Marsden is a headstrong, fierce, often-times controlling girl who creates scandal and draws gossip with whatever she does. Young Julie does have a heart full of love but in her need to show her independence she uses and abuses the possibilities she has been given. Especially in reference to her young, successful fiance Preston.
Things quickly turn for the worst and Julie finds herself alone without the love she wanted all along, and surrounded by public gossip. She sets out to become a new woman, a changed one. It doesn't matter to her what she has lost. She has the thought that she will get it back.
Will Julie truly change? Or will she lose herself in the controlling and selfish actions she has always done?

Bette Davis is outstanding in this role, portraying a perfect rendition of a heartbroken, headstrong woman on the road for redemption. It is no wonder she won an Oscar for her performance. Henry Fonda is also wonderful as Preston.
This movie is a beautiful yet tragic story that unfolds against the backdrop of the Civil War. It brings consequences and forgiveness, the hope for love and the need to show ones independence. This film will always be a legend no matter what decade or generation. Warner Bros. truly made a film that can stand alongside Gone With The Wind as one of the best movies ever made.

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