Friday, January 22, 2010

Movie of the Week

The Girl in the Red Velvet Swing


The true story of Evelyn Nesbit being at the center of the murder that swept the nation in a storm is wondrously told in lavish color and spectacular performances.

Evelyn Nesbit (played perfectly and sweetly by Joan Collins) is perhaps the most beautiful girl in America, and she quickly catches the heart of most men that see her. Stanford White is a brilliant architect who is no exception to Evelyn's innocent beauty. They soon begin an affair much to the displeasure of her other would-be suitors, with Harry Thaw leading the pack.
Heartache and sorrow come almost effortlessly to the characters in the film. Misfortune and let-down seem to always follow Evelyn, never offering her rest from her pursuit of being free of it. In a whirlwind of jealousy, sorrow and scandal, a murder takes place, once again putting Evelyn in the path of pain.

Not only are the scenes sumptuous and the colors dazzling but the acting is also superb and the story is enchanting. This is a movie I only recently saw and have absolutely fallen in love with. It is a classic, an ultimate portrayal of the true story of a deadly love triangle. The Girl in the Red Velvet Swing is the perfect kind of movie that has successfully shot to the moon.

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  1. She is really pretty. I need to watch this movie, it looks wonderful. Going to add it to my Netflix now. No worries on the commenting - I enjoy reading your blog :)