Friday, January 15, 2010

Movie of the Week

Here Comes Mr. Jordan

A delightful and different comedy that displays the things we do to just live. A movie that blends celestial magic and harsh reality.

Joe Pendleton(Robert Montgomery) is a boxer preparing for a big fight but as he's traveling his plane crashes and sadly he dies. But once he reaches the other side he finds that they took him too soon, 50 years too soon. Mr. Jordan (Played brilliantly by Claude Rains) chooses to right the mistake. So he takes Joe back to earth to find his body which turns up having been cremated by his friends. There's only one way Joe can continue living, by taking the body of a wealthy playboy who has made many mistakes and who has just been killed by his wife and her lover. Joe takes the chance and soon finds himself in a journey he'll most likely never forget.

Robert Montgomery's comedic timing is priceless and the supporting cast hold him up perfectly. It's a delightful story about a man eager to live and a harsh reality that can certainly be changed. All mistakes can be fixed. Here Comes Mr. Jordan is a classic and will surely live on. This movie is certainly not one of those mistakes that need fixing.

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