Saturday, January 2, 2010

Movie of the Week

My Cousin Rachel

Powered by two great actors and their ability to exude both passion and devotion, My Cousin Rachel is a movie that captures what it is to be a truly great film.
Romance, mystery, suspense, obsession all come together to create a truly gripping film. It engrosses you in the moment and makes you feel as if you have already experienced, and felt every emotion for yourself.

A very young Richard Burton plays Phillip Ashley, a wealthy man who finds out that his cousin Ambrose has died while in Italy after several confusing and cryptic letters. Soon enough Phillip begins to suspect his widow Rachel as the murderer. But when Rachel comes to see Phillip sometime after Ambrose's death, Phillip finds himself falling in love with the beautiful Rachel (Olivia De Havilland).
After their love blossoms, suspicions are found, mystery is spun, and the ever present questioning is always present in Phillip's eyes.

My Cousin Rachel (adapted from a Daphne Du Maurier novel) is a complete film. Nothing is missing, not acting, not a great plot, and definitely not a tantalizing blend of everything all great films possess. It is a must see and will continue to be until the memory of motion pictures have faded- which I know will never be.

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