Sunday, January 3, 2010

Favorite Dame Of The Day

Perhaps the most iconic star of all time, Marilyn Monroe was known more for her great beauty rather than her talent. She, herself, said that she wasn't much of an actress. However, when you see her in films like Don't Bother To Knock and The Misfits, films that did not limit her acting, you are able to see her true talent shine through.

She was an exceptional actress, portraying the vulnerability and sorrow of her characters with ease, her comedic timing was absolutely perfect, but such talent was never paid any praise. She was, in fact, one of the most beautiful women to have graced the silver screen.
However, when I watch Marilyn Monroe I cannot help but wonder why she was never given the chance of being a true actress. She was never taken seriously, she was viewed as an object of desire and beauty. But she, who many said was an intelligent, serious artist, with the yearning to only improve her craft, will always, to me, live on as a tragic legend, due to her untimely death, a great actress, and as a women desperate to be more respected rather than desired.

She is the most recognizable, most iconic star to date. Marilyn Monroe's legacy will always either in mystery, beauty, or talent, continue to live on.

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