Saturday, December 19, 2009

Modern Day Dame

What catches our eye when watching the unpretentious and always-delightful Rachel McAdams is the seriousness with which she conducts her work. Assuming here, the profession of acting may be summarized in three words: an easy job. And that is made manifest in Rachel's many films for she acts with such finesse as if she has been acting her entire life - or maybe 50+ years though she is fairly new to the scene and only 31 years old. Acting is merely a profession for her, not a business to acquire an over abundant amount of wealth and luxury as it is to many of the modern starlets of our day.

Rachel McAdams made her first big screen debut in America with the 2002 film The Hot Chick which was followed by Mean Girls in 2004. It didn't take too long for her to become a familiar name especially with the romantic smash hit The Notebook.
Along the way, she has left her charm in our hearts with each character portrayed leaving us to ask "Why can't other young stars be as ingenuous and unassuming as Rachel is?"

And with her three upcoming films (Sherlock Holmes, 2010's Morning Glory and Ness) , we will find ourselves wondering what it is Rachel possesses and others lack.


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