Friday, December 4, 2009

Modern Day Dame

Kate Beckinsale's big break came in the 1993 Kenneth Branagh film Much Ado About Nothing but it was in the 1995 film Haunted where Kate began to receive the public's attention. In Haunted, starring alongside Aidan Quinn, Kate portrays an object of desire which had been something new for her at the time since all of her previous characters were worldly innocent.
When Charlize Theron dropped out of filming for Pearl Harbor, Kate signed on, and it was this film that made Kate Beckinsale a household name. She would later go on to star in 2003's Underworld, 2004's Van Helsing and The Aviator as Ava Gardner.

Nothing would be the same in Hollywood were Kate to have continued her schooling instead of pursuing acting. Who would've portrayed Selene in Underworld with the same vulnerability and strength? Who could have been so strong and imperturbable yet sensitive and feminine as Anna Valerious in Van Helsing?
Without Kate Beckinsale in our lives, who would entertain, fascinate and intrigue us?
It goes to say, we would not be the same without her.


  1. Oh, Kate is phenomenal. I love the pic of her in the white dress, beautiful darling. :) She is such a great actress and absolutely stunning.

  2. She is so gorgeous. She's one of my favorite actresses of the modern era. Plus I adore that accent of hers.