Sunday, December 20, 2009

King Of Rock n' Roll

The name is unforgettable as are the songs, timeless classics written in rhythmic rockabilly verses fused with traces of R&B, country and pop. Elvis Presley is the name, and the immortal image he made famous stands remarkably tall as the legend no other can dare to faithfully emulate with perfection.

With the release of over 20 studio albums and hit singles innumerable to count, Elvis has made more than an image possible; he has reigned as the one and only king of rock and roll opening doors for artists such as Chuck Berry, Fats Domino and Little Richard helping in a huge way to break down a lot of the colour barriers in the music industry.

What makes Elvis one of the music industry's top selling artists of all time is his undeniably smooth bluesy voice and charismatic stage presence.

Elvis Presley will remain a legend today and for all the years to come. Never will his songs grow boring neither will his image get tiring. There is something about Elvis Presley that leaves us in awe...
and leaves us wanting more.

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