Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Favourite Gent Of The Day

Rock Hudson is recognized as Hollywood's most romantic leading man and remains a very fascinating star to this day. It was in the 1948 film Fighter Squadron that Hudson made his debut, unimpressive but a start. Further coaching in acting, singing, dancing, fencing and horseback riding seemed necessary but it was the promotion in film magazines that helped Hudson to get recognized. This popularity only soared when he appeared in the 1956 film Giant co-starring Elizabeth Taylor and James Dean.

There are many memorable films in which Rock Hudson stars alongside Doris Day but the one film that stands out as Hudson's best is Pillow Talk, a 1959 romantic comedy starring the trio of Hudson, Day and Tony Randall that would later go on to star together in two more films.
In Pillow Talk, Hudson portrays Brad Allen, a dashing, handsome and incredibly charming man-about-town ladies man. It is no surprise that Hudson portrayed that same sort of character in his life outside of films.

There is nothing less than interesting about the image of Rock Hudson, never anything seen before in his peers. To this day, Hudson is revered for his impeccable acting talent and praised for the gift of good-looks bestowed upon him. His movies will not fail to entertain you whenever you watch them as his image cannot fall short of intriguing. Rock Hudson has always captured the audience so easily, making them fall in love over and over again. And every time you watch Pillow Talk, 1961's Lover Come Back, 1966's Seconds, or Hudson's absolute favourite of all his films released in 1968 titled Ice Station Zebra then you will have to prepare yourself for the inevitable capture of your heart by none other than the man of fascination, Rock Hudson.


  1. Oh, Rock Hudson was such a fabulous actor. And what a gorgeous man. :)

  2. He was a fantastic actor. His movies with Doris Day are so awesome.