Monday, December 21, 2009

Favorite Dame Of The Day

The greatest actress to have ever lived is an easy way to describe her. But in other words she can be described as a petite woman filled with great talent that was too much for her small frame to carry. She could play with your heart with a look into her eyes. She could deceive you. She could torment you. She could draw you into her innocence and make your heart shatter over her pain. She could make you comfort her, sympathize with her. She could make you hate her, yearn to destroy her, but then make you come back to her. Her unconventional beauty could entice you. Her wide eyes could display innocence and danger. She could make men fall to their knees before her feet. She could drive men away with her maddening anger and passion. She was brilliant, intoxicating, and she could beguile you. She was the rare talent that could make you feel all those emotions at one time. Make you enthralled by simply appearing on the screen. But in two simple words she is Bette Davis.

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