Wednesday, November 11, 2009

T.V. Show Of The Month

Alfred Hitchcock Presents

The Master of Suspense, Alfred Hitchcock, introduced us to the macabre world within his mind when the premiere of this show aired in 1955. Every short story contains elements of horror, mystery, and even a bit of dark humor.

Many stars made appearances on the show including Bette Davis, John Cassavetes, Vincent Price, William Shatner, Robert Duvall, Burt Reynolds, Steve McQueen, Robert Redford and Ed Asner.

The series ran for an unheard of 10 seasons with a total of 363 episodes. Time magazine listed Alfred Hitchcock Presents as one of "The 100 Best TV Shows of All-TIME".


  1. I love Alfred Hitchcock. I love this show. There's never been anything quite like it.

  2. Alfred Hitchcock was one of the best. :) I loved his movie with Jimmy Stewart Vertigo. What a great film. Hope you have a great weekend. :)