Sunday, November 22, 2009

Movie Of The Week

How To Marry A Millionaire

An iconic movie that will give you a good time is perhaps better than a movie that's all about a good story. But when you find a movie that blends the two wonderfully it easily becomes movie heaven. Especially when that movie offers the acting services of Lauren Bacall, Betty Grable, and of course Marilyn Monroe. This movie, from the beginning, is a hilarious 95 minutes with some of the most beautiful sets, and women in the world.

Schatze, Loco, and Pola are three New York models who buy an apartment with the intentions of finding wealthy men to provide lavish lifestyles. They say they don't care for true love only for the money any man could provide. This motive is of course news for trouble in any movie and what sets out is a laugh filled adventure as we follow the mission of these three women.

Schatze is perhaps the most serious of the three, played wonderfully by Bacall. She meets a reporter named Tom Brookman(Cameron Mitchell) who is not her kind of man only because of the money she thinks he does not have but that doesn't stop her from spending time with him, despite her claims that she never wants to see him again! She does indeed fall in love with Tom but his lack of finance prevents her from being with him. Instead she decides to marry JD Hanley, an older millionaire. Will she decide on the money or on love?

Loco is a smart, sassy, and beautiful woman(Grable) who is having an affair with an older man. She starts off going up to stay with him but when he gets ill she soon meets a handsome forest ranger (played perfectly by Rory Calhoun). She falls in love with him but when he tells her that he has no money at all she must decide as well is all her previous intentions were better for her than true love.
Pola is the ditzy one of the three, whenever she is on screen there is always the guarantee for a laugh. Played hilariously by Marilyn Monroe, Pola is with a wealthy man but when he asks her to meet him in Atlantic City she boards the wrong flight due to her refusing to wear her glasses ( "you know, men are seldom attentive to girls who wear glasses."). While on the plane she meets Freddie, a man who is on the run from the law because of something he did to get his on money back ( he wears glasses too!). Pola's decision is the easiest of the three because she decides on him almost immediately.

How To Marry A Millionaire is a hilarious blend of love, gold diggers, and laughs. This movie will leave you satisfied with the experience, and will offer you a good time as well as a really good story. The actors are superb, the sets are glamorous. The movie is certainly one of the best comedies of all time and that's coming from someone who is often not interested in comedies! This movie will definitely not disappoint.


  1. Great post. I love this film. It's been ages since I've seen it though. Have a fantastic week. Cheers!

  2. love these vintage picture and movie! need to see it :)

  3. Oh, I haven't seen this movie yet. I am so going to put this on my to do list. Love Marilyn, she is just so beautiful. :) Great post, doll.