Monday, November 16, 2009

Movie of the Week: Old Acquaintance

Old Acquaintance

A movie about the personal jealousies and complications between two old friends.
Millie Drake is a married woman with a baby on the way and her friend Kit Marlowe is a critically acclaimed, single author. Millie throws a party for her friend and by the end of the night she tells Kit that she has her own plans of becoming a published author, one who writes of romance, the kind of stuff the public loves. Over time she is published, making money, and becoming the kind of person every woman wants to be.
On the surface at least.
Kit tries desperately to tell Millie to change how she lives, to become again the wife of Preston, and be a mother to Dierdre. Millie pays no mind to her friends advice. We see immediately though that Millie's husband is lonely, upset that he cannot give his wife all the things she has, and that he is in love with Kit. Millie's daughter, Dierdre is extremely close with Kit who obviously loves her more than her own mother does.
Soon enough Millie's perfect life falls away. Her husband leaves her because he loves Kit who turns him away because of her friendship with Millie. Time wears on and over that time we see a flood of emotions and a dramatic world unfold on screen.
Bette Davis as Kit is tremendous as she portrays the loyal yet lonely character perfectly. Miriam Hopkins is stunning as Millie, conveying the emotions of a woman who has lost it all and yet refuses to admit to her own selfish foolishness.
The fact that Miriam Hopkins and Bette Davis openly disliked each other makes this movie more than a pleasure to watch. Not only can you see them quarreling but you can also see a tenderness towards each other that only two truly great actresses can show.
It is a love story between two friends, displaying the complications and gentle love only two friends can share.
Everything in this movie is flawless. From the two superb leads, to the outstanding supporting cast, to the atmosphere and true emotions it creates. Bette Davis and Miriam Hopkins at their best. Besides who wouldn't like to see Bette Davis calmly shake Miriam Hopkins and then leave with a small "sorry"?
Old Acquaintance is one of the best movies and gives us one of the best moments of all time.

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