Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Modern Day Gent

Tony Award winning actor Hugh Jackman first made a name for himself when he was cast as Wolverine in the 2000 film version of the famous Marvel comic books X-Men. Since then Jackman has become of of Hollywood's favored and sought after leading men.
I enjoyed his performance in the movie Australia in which he stars alongside Nicole Kidman. In it he portrays his character, Drover with great strength and honest leadership but also easily displays the gentleness of a man in love whenever it is he looks upon Lady Ashley in the film.
High Jackman has continued to fascinate Hollywood and movie-goers as the years go by. He fascinates them by being the type of leading man that can quickly and effortlessly attain the attention of the audience. He is undeniably a charismatic and greatly talented actor. He shall certainly be remembered as one of our modern era's most talented leading men.


  1. Oh, darling I love this post. Hugh is one of my favorite. He can be rough but then suave. It is crazy that he can go from being this tough guy as Wolverine to dancing on broadway. I just love a jack of all trades. :) Fab post.

  2. Hugh Jackman is one of the modern men that I really admire. He's handsome, charming, stylish, etc. He's very talented. He's a good actor, singer, etc.