Sunday, November 1, 2009

Favorite Dame Of The Day

Though I have not seen one of her films Veronica Lake has always fascinated me. She had something mysterious about her, something that left you intrigued. Just by looking at her photographs her beauty if able to hold you captive.
She was best known for her roles in the famous film noirs of the 1940's in which she usually played the femme fatal starring along side Alan Ladd. She was originally only cast with Alan Ladd because she stood only at 4 foot 11 and Alan Ladd at 5 foot 5. But the pairing of the two of them proved to be a box office success. So they were paired in four films together.
Veronica Lake was one of the most iconic stars from the 40's. She was known for starting trends like her famous "peek-a-book" hair style. She was mysterious, beautiful and alluring. Through her photographs you are able to see her persona and be left in awe of her. She was an embodiment of intriguing beauty and mystery.


  1. Great photos. I adore Veronica Lake. She's incredibly beautiful. I've been wanting to do a post on her at my blog.