Saturday, October 17, 2009

T.V. Show Of The Month

I picked I Love Lucy, the 1950's sitcom, as the show of the month because of its charming couple Ricky and Lucy, and because of its laugh out loud humor. I enjoy watching the clumsiness of Lucy and Ethel. What a pair they make! And Fred always keeps the laughs coming with his insults directed at Ethel!
The show is what all the comedic shows now lack. It is what all the comedic shows now aspire to be. It's charming and unique, fun and interesting, never gets old, never boring... and, most of all, a timeless classic.


  1. Wow you guys are great!!!!!
    I love this fact I am obsessed with it...thanks a million pals!!!!!!!

  2. You are very welcome! Thank you for the comment! :)