Saturday, October 17, 2009

Movie Of The Month

Our selection for this month is the silent The Red Lily released in 1924. I don't really have any other reason for picking this movie, since it just came into my head about half a minute before writing this, other than that this movie is one of those films that go unnoticed. In the movie, two young lovers flee from their homes and disapproving parents to Paris. While Jean (played by Ramon Novarro) briefly leaves to make arrangements for their wedding, he is arrested by his own father for theft. Marise (played by Enid Bennett) wanders away when Jean has not returned believing he has abandoned her. They are plunged into a world of poverty and hard labor whilst being separated from each other.

It really is such a wonderful dramatic movie filled with true human emotions and leaves you fascinated.
The characters are well-drawn out by the actors, the script impeccably written, and the score conveniently shifts you through each scene.

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