Friday, October 30, 2009

Modern Day Gent

He has one of those voices that take you back to the music of the '50's. He looks like he just stepped off the stage of one of those old jazz clubs. His songs are undoubtedly inspired by the mystery of the past. He has even drawn comparisons to the greats like Frank Sinatra. Michael Buble is one of those refreshing drawbacks to the past. He has the ability to make a very well loved classic seem like his own. Listening to his music allows you to just shut your eyes and be taken back to a time of glamor and mystery, a time that is now gone. However very rarely you find an artist such as Buble that keeps but a fragment of it alive.

1 comment:

  1. I love Michael. He is such a fab singer. I even have his music downloaded on my MP3 player. I love that his sound is so much like Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra. I love the Rat Pack, so it brings back the good ole days. :) Have a Happy Halloween. :)