Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Favourite Gent Of The Day

The ever mysterious, the ever romantic, the ever brilliant Charles Boyer! Is there any other way to describe this wonderful French actor? Of course there a million ways to describe the sort of effect he has on audiences, most specifically women. The Charles Boyer we knew on the silver screen was the Charles Boyer in his personal life, a well-educated, romantic and clever man who possessed this air of mystery about him.
I loved him in Gaslight, the 1944 mystery starring Ingrid Bergman and my beloved Joseph Cotten. Boyer played the title character Gregory Anton with in-depth ease, alluringly mysterious at some points in the movie to down-right difficult to read, an enigma until later on in the movie which I shan't divulge since this movie is one I recommend!
Because of this movie, I grew attached to Charles Boyer, drawn to his, yes, mystery and allure. It was because of this movie that I saw Charles Boyer for who he truly is, a brilliant actor with a passionate personality. And that is why he is my favourite of the day!

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  1. He's my favorite of the day- and my favorite of all time! He's my all-time favorite actor :D