Saturday, October 31, 2009

Favourite Gent Of The Day

All of my life, I have loved Vincent Price. I was raised on his movies. His name is a familiar one in my family's house. And every year for Halloween, we watch at least one of his classic horror films making Halloween a little more scary and all the more better.
What I love the most about Price is his distinctive voice that evinced a sinister appeal making us cringe in fear every time he approached the victim, his eyes filled with madness, a vicious laugh escaping his lips; and I loved it! The characters he portrayed were demented and sinister, crazed and obscure. Every feeling the characters felt, Price made us feel, too.

Even now after his passing, the legacy of Vincent Leonard Price II remains alive for each of us to appreciate. His films are classics unable to be replicated, his talent astonishing, his persona inextinguishable. Vincent Price, to me, is the King of Horror.

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