Monday, October 26, 2009

Favorite Dame Of The Day

Shirley Temple is the greatest child star of all time. She was like a light for audiences during the hardships of The Great Depression. Taking them away from the harshness of their every day lives with a song, a dance, and the sweet innocence of a child's laughter. She, with her bouncy curls and brilliant acting skills, provided an escape for the people. Her films were some of the biggest hits of the 1930's. She was a brilliant actress, singer, and dancer though she was only a small child. Most remember her as that doll like little girl in movies such as Bright Eyes and Curly Top. But she grew up to be a beautiful young lady who possessed grace and charm. By 1939 her film success did start to decline. She made 18 more films after that year before going into politics. However no matter what movie of her's you watch whether it is one of her childhood ones or one when she is a young woman, she will be sure to enlighten your day and take you from reality into fantasy. That ability is what made her into such an iconic star to day. She shall always be remembered for the joy her films brought to so many in a time of distress.


  1. These are great photos. Shirley's definitely an icon. I've never seen many of her movies. They weren't really my thing. But I do know quite a few women that watched her movies when they were little girls.

  2. Wow, I love all these pictures of Shirley. She was definitely the true child star. What a great actress and so cute too. :)