Thursday, October 15, 2009

Favourite Dame Of The Day

The story of Clara Bow is a sad one. She was born in poverty in Brooklyn to an epileptic and schizophrenic mother and a father who was usually never there. Her mother at times worked as a prostitute because Clara's father would leave them without anything. Her mother was committed to a mental asylum after she tried to take Clara's life while she slept, and died soon after. Amongst all the darkness in her life Clara Bow always dreamed of becoming an actress.
But now she is remembered as more than an actress. She is remembered as an icon. She was Hollywood's first "it" girl, always known to do something daring in her movies that other silent film actresses dared not to do. She personified "flaming youth in rebellion".
The public adored her. But the society of Hollywood shunned her. She retired at 28 with her husband, actor Rex Bell and their two sons.
Though her life was filled with darkness and sadness like she herself being committed to an asylum for schizophrenia like her mother had been. And the lost of a close friend when she was but a child of 10 years. Clara Bow, when acting, was like a vibrant light. Forever in our minds as the epitome of true and sensual beauty in the '20s. When you watch a Clara Bow movie and look into her eyes you will find they express the sad story of her life. But not just that. Her large brown eyes also show the delicacy of her spirit and her inner beauty which today still lives on. She shall always be remembered as an iconic star. One that continues to shine in that rich history of Hollywood that I cannot help but think Clara Bow,in a way, helped create.

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