Wednesday, October 21, 2009

All That Jazz

Billie Holiday is a voice to remember. Then again, how can it be forgotten?

The voice she was blessed with could reduce one to tears with the profound amount of raw emotion she induced you to feel right with her. Billie Holiday possessed a strength and resiliency that was brought out whenever she sang. What I love the most about Billie Holiday is how she so freely exposed her inner-self through each performance unaware of the effect she had on others. Not many artists, either now or then, could not and cannot evoke the same passion and affliction through a song as Billie could, and, in fact, still does.

Today her music lives on always to be remembered, an undying flame that continues to live inside each of us making us forever feel what she had felt, making us cry when she had cried, making us love music as she had loved music.

Billie Holiday is simply unforgettable.

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